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The mission of our 伤口护理 Unit is to decrease complications that may arise from all types of wounds, 包括急性, 慢性, 术后(e.g. ostomies and continent diversions), 辐射后, reconstructive and other wounds that may prove to be problematic, as well providing care for diabetic foot complications.

Some Health Issues Are Not Easy to Talk About...


  • Painful, non-healing wounds or bedsores?
  • Frequent urination, loss of bladder and/or bowel control?
  • Problems with your ostomy, such as skin irritations, leaking and other "unmentionable" concerns?

如果是这样的话, place your care in the hands of our expert Advanced Practice Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurse Practioner Sue Reading-Martin and find the specialized treatment and support essential to successfully manage your condition.

请致电308.761.3425 for more information.